Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Google +

While this past week has been an "interesting" one for me away from the classroom, I can fill you all in at another time, I did get completely into the Google SWOT analysis.  A considerable treat to Google and their stranglehold on the Search Engine Market is how they will transform to capture the ever growing Social Media Market.  Google + is the answer, however is this just another tool in the endless maze of Google bolt ons?  Chris Brogan discusses why he loves Google + and what it brings to the Social Media game.  Have a look...Why Chris Brogan Loves Google Plus - Entrepreneur


  1. Learn something new everyday I guess. I can't say I have really explored all that Google+ has to offer, but rather assumed it was just the search engine giant's way of getting in on the Facebook craze. This post made me want to explore Google+ a little more. At the very least I would then be able to form a more educated opinion about it rather than just making assumptions that it appears are not fact based.

  2. You know what the problem is? Google+ was an invite only feature (if I remembered correctly) on the website when it first came out, and I think that deterred many people (such as myself) from going back to look into it. This links back to a point that the "MouseDriver Chronicles" was making: if the product gets the point across, ship it!